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foxoctoberTo everything, turn, turn, turn,
There is a season turn, turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven
- Pete Seeger’s adaptation of the Ecclesiastes
I often break out into song when feeling in love with life. I was walking home through the enchanted dusk late last evening, absolutely in love, and this song kept running through my head. I do love the way the past few days have gone from 100 degrees heat index to frosty nights, summer fun to school days, a field full of flowers to a tinge of autumn color in the forest edges. This autumn is bountiful with new projects, A Harvest Moon, more Ghosts Stories at the Twinflower Inn, another Springdale Cemetery Tour, and an abundance of family stories! Will you join us for the fun?



Relishing the Heat of Summer

Tonight I am sitting in a tent in Central Mississippi in the midst of my annual summer library tour. There are dozens of frogs and locusts singing all around, bats flitting about, a three quarters moon providing light against the silhouettes of long-leaf pine trees and a million mosquitoes buzzing against the dome of a 'no-see-um proof' screen protecting me from a nightmare! I just finished swimming in Geiger Lake at sunset. I ate barbeque ribs for dinner at a rural drive up joint with picnic tables out front. I truly relish the heat of summer. I love the riverboat rides, night noises, and backyard concerts, campfire storytelling, berry picking, and birthday poems, Springfield's History Alive, working in the garden, and the end of summer Chautauqua. What do you love most about summer?
  • Native American Star Stories

  • The Dreaming Tree Concert Series

  • History Alive In Springfield, Illinois

  • End of Summer Chautauqua Series


whitmancardMarch is known to come in like a lion and out like a lamb, and the Ides of March are blowing in several big changes for Fox Tales International. The month started with a whirlwind tour of local schools and California programs. I have launched a new series of historical encounters available as e-books, audio and video podcasts, History…In Person! And I end the month with programs in Tennessee and Nebraska, Peoria and Chicago. Grab an umbrella and catch the next gust of wind:



As one year closes and we turn towards the next, I am feeling grateful for the folks who support storytelling and literacy, I am also looking forward to a full year of sharing my passion for history and science, classic literature and community building. As many readers of this semi-regular newsletter know, storytelling is an empowering tool for literacy and creating community. In an effort to give back to our new community in Bishop Hill, and support local businesses, my wife and I are hosting a storytelling and music series, a writers' retreat, book fair and yoga retreat. Please like the Twinflower Inn on Facebook to keep up with our upcoming endeavors.Fox as Santa 001

  • The Solstice between Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • A Mid-Winter Writers Retreat

  • A New Publishing Effort

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