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September 30, 2016darwin2

Another Season Turns


I love the turning of the seasons! As we pass through another cycle of late summer Chautauqua, fall conferences, and harvest festivals. We then turn towards cemetery tours and ghosts stories. This autumn brings the usual bountiful fall harvest with new and long-term projects: A Harvest Moon, more Ghosts Stories at the Twinflower Inn, another Springdale Cemetery Tour, an abundance of family stories, fall rendevous and the Texas Science Teachers Conference! Will you join us for the fun? Click through on the calendar below to see when I might be in a town near you! 


January 2016

A New Year - New Opportunities


Lewis 1 16

This first month of the new year has been filled with new projects and new opportunities. During the annual writers' retreat I wrote a new poem, two chapters in a new book, a new essay that explores why Meriwether Lewis deserves another look, and an article that is next month's cover story for Peoria Magazines' iBi. I am three steps closer to publishing my long-awaited series of History…In Person biographies AND there are three new projects in the works I cannot tell you about just yet… but I hope to have big news for the next newsletter! So watch these pages, and please forward or share the poetry and articles with a friend!



December 2015
Fox as Santa

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! 

Happy Kwanza! Happy Hanukah! 

Joyous Solstice! & Festive Festivus!

A simple newsletter of celebration! 

October 2015

Climbing Autumn’s PeaksFox as Francis


What hills are you climbing? What valleys have you crossed? Lingering in the shadow of the eclipsed Harvest Moon, the time of the black bear, the time of turning inward and introspection, what goals are within reach and what can you already cross off the to-do list? I write this epistle on the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, a week after the Pope has left the country. I have a quiet day at a hotel in El Paso in the midst of teacher training and conference keynotes to reflect on the path before me, to share some of my journey, and maybe spark a skip in your step as you meander along the long brown path before you:

                       And other folks, famous and infamous.
  • Hunter’s Moon Campfire: Ghost Stories
  • Book Lover’s Weekends at The Twinflower Inn

August 2015
FoxSchoolBack to School!
This past week on social media a lot of my friends with young children have been posting pictures of their progeny on their first day of school. And a lot of my teacher friends have been posting pictures of their newly redecorated classrooms. All of this is filled with the excitement of launching another school year, igniting imaginations and sparking curiosity. Yes, I do miss being a parent of young children. And yes, I also miss the excitement of meeting a new group of students from my days as a classroom teacher. But I always look forward to the school visits, artist-in-residency programs, family literacy nights, home-school programs, teacher training workshops, teacher conferences, and all of the other ways I get to interact with the educational community! To help launch another successful year of teaching and learning allow me to share a few stories, lesson plans and program suggestions to get folks off on the right foot: