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Follow this link to read some newspaper Articles about Fox.

In the past few years, a focus of Fox's writing has been promoting tourism in the Midwest, including writing both on-line content and brochures for the Illinois River Road Birding Trails and a Visitors' Guide for The Bishop Hill Arts Council.

Here is an Open Letter: Nine Solid Reasons to Invite a Storyteller to School


Here are a variety of articles Fox has published in various magazines:
A River of Stories: Stories Create A Link to the Past & A Brighter Future

Here are three articles about John James Audubon and the Bicentennial of his first visit to Illinois:

Walking In Audubon's Footsteps: Celebrating the bicentennial of John James Audubon’s historic hike across the Prairie State
As published in Outdoor Illinois
An Audubon Bicentennial: John James Audubon's First Forays into Illinois as Fodder for Conservation Efforts
As published by the Illinois Audubon Society

In The Footsteps of Audubon Journaling with Early Naturalists

Green Teacher Magazine Winter 2004

Fox is a regular contributor to Green Teacher Magazine. Here are five articles he has written in the past ten years:

Waiting For Rain or Seeding the Clouds

Turning Poetry into Stories into Science Essays as published in Green Teacher Magazine Winter 2008

Tales From the Trail

Promoting ecological awareness and language skills while writing for eco-tourism web sitesas published in Green Teacher Magazine Fall 2010

The Song of Life Sings in Us All:

An Animal Action Poem That Celebrates The Web of Life as published in Green Teacher Magazine Fall 2004

In The Footsteps of Audubon

Journaling with Early Naturalists as published in Green Teacher Magazine Winter 2004

"Maps Tell Stories-- Folklore and Geography" as published in Green Teacher Magazine Winter 2000

"Who? What? Where? The Prior Knowledge Quiz" as published in Green Teacher Magazine Winter 2000

In celebration of Charles Darwin's bicentennial and the sesquecentennial of the publication of his Revolutionary ideas, Fox co-authored a series of articles on teaching evolution, working with Dr. Anne Weaver:

"Kicking the Tires of Natural Selection: The Carriage Still Runs after 150 Years"

Lesson plans for teaching Variation and Natural Selection

from the North Carolina Science Teachers online journal

"Why Charlie Darwin Matters"

from the North Carolina Science Teachers online journal

Storytelling issues, ideas, aesthetics, and practice are clearly a favorite topic for Fox:

A Celebration of Trees!

Reprinted From Storytelling Magazine 2007

How to tell a Scary Story

Reprinted from BookLinks Magazine Fall 2002

Who We Are Are The Stories We Tell

Reprinted From the Northlands' Journal Summer 2005


Storytelling Magic: Enhancing Children’s Oral Language, Reading, and Writing

Reprinted From the Illinois Reading Council Journal August 2004


The Power of A Good Story Well Told

Reprinted from Arts Alive June 2004

"The Cottonwood"-- How I learned the importance of storytelling in science education

Science and Children, January 2001

"Where Myth Meets Science-- Dear Katie, The Volcano Is a Girl"

 Book Links, May 1999

"Why Tell Stories"

Storytelling Magazine, January 1997

"Fun With Fables"

Storytelling Magazine, May 1995

"Telling Family Stories"

History is another of his favorite topics:

Peoria's Rivermen

As published in Inter-Business Issues

The Seven Sacred Stories of the Peoria Falcon

As published in Inter-Business Issues

Peoria's Civil War Heroes

Brief biographies based on our annual Springdale Cemetery Tour

As published in Inter-Business Issues

Four Friends of Lincoln
Published in art & society Magazine
Fox is also writing stories for a wonderful web site, Saint Francis Garden. They have published several stories Saint Francis and the Birds, The Saint Francis Fountain, and Saint Francis and the Wolf. He has also added a few Christmas stories to their web page Christmas Night Inc.!
Fox has written several essays on Audubon's Mammals for Princeton Audubon the premiere sight for purchasing Audubon Prints. They have everything from original Havel Editions to the very best modern facsimiles. When you make a purchase, type Fox Tales in the notes and you will receive a discount for the regularly priced double elephant and imperial portfolios.

For a little more than two years Fox was a columnist for Midwestern Family, the premiere, regional, family magazine. Here is an archive of several of his articles:

"Yesterday's Heroes"

Sept./Oct. 2006


"Lincoln the Lawyer"

July/Aug. 2006

"Adventures in Trail Riding"

May/June 2006

"Family Pets: The Zoo at Home"

Jan/Feb 2006

"On the Lincoln Trail"

May/June 2005

"Butterflies and Hummingbirds: Attracting Winged Jewels to Your Garden"

March/April 2005


"A Green Corridor's Wonders"

Peoria Journal Star, June 10, 2001


"Giving Back"

TWINS, March/April 1999

"World-class Dad-- All Kids Can Experience the Wonder of 'Daddy Days'"