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The Grimm World of Fairy Tales:
Conversations with Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm Grimm Shares His Favorite Fairy Tales!

To celebrate the bicentennial of the publication of the Grimm Brothers' Stories I have posted a new video, Bear Skin, one of my favorite Grimm Tales!


Imagine spending a delightful hour in the library of one of the world’s most famous storytellers! With warmth and humor, these timeless tales remind us of our deepest dreams and secret desires. With Wilhelm Grimm as our guide to the historical and cultural context for each of the stories he tells, this program will by turns make you smile and grip the edge of your seat! The classic fairy tales are brought to life in this one-man theatrical performance. Stories are woven together with traditional folk tunes sung in Deutsch and details from the enchanting life of this prolific author.

This is an inter-generational program where there is humor and romance for the young at heart, history and culture for those so inclined, sing-a-long songs for the minstrel, and a mix of the eerie and spine-tingling for those who are brave of heart; truly something for everyone! Both grandparents and children will leave the program with exciting ideas to talk about. This program is easily adapted for young children, high school history and literature courses, Road Scholars or German Heritage Festivals.

Brian “Fox” Ellis has been performing the stories of the Grimm Brothers for more than twenty years. He has toured Europe fourteen times performing and researching fairy tales in castles and museums. He taught a graduate course for SIUE where he led a two week adventure, traveling the Fairy Tale Road through Europe. They had lunch in Snow White’s Castle, climbed Rapunzal’s Tower and met the Big Bad Wolf while hiking in the Black Forest with Little Red Riding Hood.

Wilhelm Grimm is touring America and would love to share his stories at your library, your next Oktoberfest or German American dinner!

Follow this link for follow-up lesson plans.

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