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darwin2Imagine an evening at London’s Royal Geological Society, with the affable, young Charles Darwin, among friends, telling the stories of his amazing adventure sailing around the world on HMS Beagle. Darwin tells humorous tales of his training as a naturalist, his insights into South American geology, his discovery of strange creatures on the Galapagos Archipelago and most importantly, the scientific evidence that lead to his revolutionary theory. Storyteller and science teacher, Brian “Fox” Ellis steps into Darwin’s shoes to model the scientific process, engage listeners in a discussion of the facts so they can draw their own conclusions. Equal parts dramatic storytelling, stand-up comedy and show and tell, the audience is immersed in the intellectual world of one of history’s greatest scientific minds. He brings a wide array of fossils, insects, plants and study skins so the audience can experience the discoveries of Darwin with hands-on analysis.

Invite Charles Darwin to your school, conference or museum to present an inspiring and entertaining program that includes hands-on science and a participatory discussion of the scientific evidence that lead to his great discovery.


Purchase a copy of the book or CD based on this performance!

Working with the brilliant and talented Anne Weaver, Fox has published a series of articles about Darwin in several science teacher magazines. Here is a recent article in The Newsletter of the Wisconsin Society of Science Teacher

Read a letter of recommendation from a recent performance for the New Mexico Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education or the Illinois Science Teachers Association.

Darwin tools Here is what his audience said after the premiere performance at The Field Museum in Chicago:
“Inspiring!” ***** "It was perfect!”
“Finally, I understand it, evolution makes sense!”
“Rarely in today’s world do you meet someone who speaks on a subject with such insight, knowledge and inspiration, and presents the material with such enthusiasm.”

This last quote was from a man who had been to Tierra del Fuego and the Galapagos Islands. He went on to say the performance brought him right back into those wonderful and wild places!

Charles Darwin Makes a Rare U.S. Appearance!

After spending five years circumnavigating the globe aboard H.M.S. Beagle, Charles Darwin has spent the past twenty years as a recluse in the study of his home near London, researching and writing his great work, On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection. With the recent publication of this controversial book, Charles Darwin is making a rare public appearance to tell his side of the story, share the adventures from his monumental trip and outline the intricacies of his theory of evolution!

Call or e-mail soon to get the dates you want! 309-689-8000 or Contact Fox

QUOTES FOR THE PRESS: Fox said, “The research for this show was simply awe inspiring. Darwin was a great storyteller. Darwin’s words truly changed the way we view the world and my goal is to give the audience a palpable experience of his epic voyage, allowing them to make their own discoveries!” When asked what he enjoyed most about the program, he added, “Most folks are not aware that there is a wonderfully droll, self-deprecating, genuinely British sense of humor in the book, The Voyage of The Beagle, still one of the best selling travel books ever written.”

PERFORMER’S BIOGRAPHY: Brian "Fox" Ellis is an internationally renowned storyteller, author and naturalist. He has been a featured speaker at regional and international conferences on environmental concerns, including the National Association of Biology Teachers, National Science Teachers Association, The International Wetlands Conservation Conference, National Non-point Source Pollution Conference and the North American Prairie Conservation Conference. Fox is also a museum consultant who has worked with The Field Museum, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History to provide teacher training, develop curriculum, and present public programs. He is the Artistic Director for Prairie Folklore Theatre, a unique theatre company that celebrates ecology and history through original musical theatre. Fox is the author of nine books including the critically acclaimed Learning From the Land: Teaching Ecology Through Stories and Activities, (Libraries Unlimited, 2011). His children’s picture book, The Web at Dragonfly Pond, (Dawn Publications, 2006), won a national award as conservation education book of the year. Many of his stories are also available on one of twelve award winning CDs.

Photos of Brian "Fox" Ellis as Charles Darwin by Ivan Phillips

This show was commissioned by The Field Museum as part of their special exhibit to celebrate the bicentennial of his birth.

Read a preview of DARWIN by Gary Panetta as it appeared in the Peoria Journal Star.

The National Science Teachers Association has developed several interactive lesson plans for teachers to use when teaching about Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle, the Galapagos and Evolution.

A teacher friend, (thanks Susan), just e-mailed me a wonderful link to Scholastic Books and their interactive lesson for exploring Darwin and Adaptation.

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